Covid Health Animation Project

A research-based approach to fight disinformation, increase knowledge and change behaviors around COVID 19 in underserved communities through culturally-tailored animated content.

Why are we doing this

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General declared COVID-19 a global pandemic—the most serious respiratory virus threat since the 1918 influenza outbreak. Emerging evidence shows a disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on low-income and racial(ized) and ethnic minority communities.  

Our Programs

We are in the process of creating animations across various cultural contexts directed at the most vulnerable/marginalized populations

Our Impact

The videos have been reached over 1.5 million people.

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Our                 Team

Dr Gilberto Lopez

Dr Megan Srinivas

Health researcher

Infectious disease physician

ScD, Harvard University 

MPH, Johns Hopkins University 

MA,  Southern Methodist University

MPH, Harvard School of Public Health

MD, University of Iowa

BA, Harvard University

Syed Mustafa Hasnain

Yahya Ehsan

Behavior change communications expert

Creative Director

Msc, London School of Economics

Bsc Honors, Oxford Brookes University 

MMA, Multimedia Arts, NCA

Bsc. Computer Science, Beaconhouse Informatics 

Our Story

The initial convening of the Atlantic health equity fellowship coincided with the spread of the Corvid-19 pandemic in the US which prompted Atlantic fellows Gilberto Lopez, Mustafa Hasnain and Megan Srinivas to combine their expertise in social anthropology as it relates to health, infectious disease expertise, and behavior change communications. Together with the artistic talents of Yahya Ehsan and the team at Creative Frontiers, we are working to reach marginalized communities all over the world and use a research-based approach to learn how disinformation and entrenched attitudes prevent communities from safeguarding themselves against Corvid while creating targeted, culturally tailored content to change these behaviors.

Our Partners

We are currently looking for partners and collaborators to join our project. If you are an organization/donor working with marginalized communities or are looking to increase the efficacy of your Covid-19 media campaign. Please get in touch with us on


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