Covid Health Animation Project

Creative Frontiers is committed to fighting the Corona virus though sustained media campaigns

Creative Frontiers is fighting the Coronavirus through a media campaign focused on creating awareness about Covid19, fighting against disinformation and highlight problems that affect key communities. The videos are designed to be culturally specific to our target audience, use pop culture references to appeal to young audiences and ensure that our audience gets information that's coming from virologists and medical experts.

Animated series on Corvid-19 awareness

The animated series is targeted at Urdu speaking audiences in Pakistan and is the first of a series of videos on Corvid-19 in Pakistan by Creative Frontiers.

The first video uses pop culture references from Pakistan and India, humor, and urgency to illustrate how Coronavirus spreads through your body and what you can do to prevent it.

The second video uses a popular film icon from the 70's to represent misguided bravado in response to the Coronavirus and how that can overwhelm the health system. 


The videos have been reached over 1.5 million people.

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