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Our Approach


Our Size and Geographic reach

We have a combined staff of 55 across the three countries and have been in operation since January 2014.




Engaging vulnerable youth to counter extremism using innovative storytelling delivered through graphic novels, comics, apps and animation



“A bold movement of progressivist are bringing new comic book heroes to Pakistan’s at-risk children” FOREIGN POLICY

Case Studies

 Empowering and training university students into developing critical thinking and storytelling to present solutions to complex issues that foster radicalization in the community.

Encouraging positive social change and Promoting Gender Equity through animation.

Developing life skills in Lebanon youth by thought provoking stories through E-learning modules course.

Improving Social Learning of Syrian Refugee Children by using mobile app.



 Comics for Peace seeks to encourage and promote positive social change through the medium of comic books. Stories created through fellowship program that bought attention to the societal issues including discrimination, hate, violence and extremism. 59% of all students agreed that the comic books made them more aware of an issue that they were unaware of before.  

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The Comics for Peace program was launched in Pakistan in 2018.

Over 2000 students in 9 universities across the country participated in the CFP project through panel discussions, workshops and on campus awareness sessions. 20 fellows (an equal mix of male and female students from all parts of the country, representing its unique religious and ethnic makeup) were recruited for the first fellowship program to develop

5 unique and independent stories developed as comic books that emphasized the drivers of radicalization in Pakistan. The stories well well received by students at Universities in the country.



International Alert commissioned Creative Frontiers to create an engaging animation highlighting the problem of forced marriages in Pakistan. We were tasked with creating a short yet moving animation that would form the emotional counterweight to the statistics that would be presented to outline the scope of this problem in the country.



The Leadership, Learning and Innovation program of the World bank hired Creative Frontiers to help develop an innovative program to provide employability and life skills training to youth in Lebanon.

Increased employability skills of 6,500 Lebanese youth through digital e-learning and printed workbook content developed as an interactive comic based narrative that created an emotive understanding of the subject matter.



Creative Associates International partnered with Creative Frontiers to develop a learning game for Syrian children who have been displaced due to ongoing conflict in Syria. The game which was sponsored by NORAD and USAID through the EduApp4Syria competition aimed to enhance both Arabic literacy and social well being of the children who played the game.

A mobile game designed to address social and emotional needs of Syrian refugees while improving their Arabic literacy through a proven pedagogy. The game was one of the top 5 finalists of the EduApp4Syria competition sponsored by the Norwegian Government.


Our Partners include

I have been amazed by their idea generation, content and visual skills, work products, and enthusiasm for the work. If someone were to ask me to recommend a socially minded media firm, they would be top on my list.”

Ayan Kishore

Creative Associates International




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